National and flexible pharmacy specific applications, supporting an array of diverse pharmacy customers.

SmartMeds Pharmacy strives to maintain patient safety, manage risk and continue to develop the technology platforms we use to support the changing needs of the Pharmacy profession and the facilities we serve in the most transparent way possible.

SmartMeds gives LTC facilities access to all medication orders sent via digital pen, scanner, fax, online or e-prescribing. Leveraging the technology provided by SmartMeds secures accuracy, efficiency and accountability.

SmartMeds is constantly evolving our risk management practices and applying ongoing improvements to our safety and efficiency procedures, not only at home level but within the pharmacy. We are proud to say that SmartMeds Pharmacy is the only pharmacy to have a 6 point check system and a 99.9999% accuracy rate.

A partnership with SmartMeds allows LTC homes to focus on what they do best: getting residents the care they need.


We are consistently first to implement technology advances, provincial health initiatives and interfaces to the best of breed offerings including: Robotics, IVR solutions, offsite backup, clinical programs etc.

  • Resident Care

    SmartSupport is our multidisciplinary on-site support team - the new gold standard of clinical care exclusively from SmartMeds Pharmacy.

  • Risk Management

    SmartMeds takes pride on the many risk management systems used within our internal operations that ensures your home is receiving safe

  • Technology

    SmartMeds Pharmacy has elevated the standard of pharmaceutical care with a user-friendly, proprietary technology platflorm designed for..

  • Transparency

    At SmartMeds, we believe enhancing quality of care through transparent practices and policy and procedures is key to success.


Smart Solutions

Giving you Smart Options!

Work Smart with our customized pharmacy support solutions for LTC,retirement facilities, group homes and community homes.
The next generation of risk management and quality care for your residents.


Who we are?

We are a family owned and operated pharmacy, committed to providing optimal pharmaceutical care to all our customers.

What we do?

We provide thousands of prescription drugs and over the counter products to suit your needs.

Why choose us?

Enjoy wholesale prices, home delivery, and pharmacist one-on-one support.

Our Associates

The SmartMeds considers its associates an integral part of the team, and gratefully acknowledges them for their continued support.