Resident Care

SmartSupport is our multidisciplinary on-site support team - the new gold standard of clinical care exclusively from SmartMeds Pharmacy. Improve the quality of life and therapeutic outcomes of your residents with our unique team of professionals and care support:
  • Support teams: Consultant Pharmacist, Audit Pharmacy Consultant, Training Team, Technology Team, MedCart Maintenance, Drug Destruction team, and Sales Team work together to put patients and family first
  • 24/7 access to a Pharmacist and medication
  • Compassionate relief fund for qualifying Residents
  • Continuing Education and one-on-one education to nursing staff
  • Medication Reviews completed at the time of a drug change

We are not just your medication provider, we are your live support behind each and every order!

Who we are?

We are a family owned and operated pharmacy, committed to providing optimal pharmaceutical care to all our customers.

What we do?

We provide thousands of prescription drugs and over the counter products to suit your needs.

Why choose us?

Enjoy wholesale prices, home delivery, and pharmacist one-on-one support.

Our Associates

The SmartMeds considers its associates an integral part of the team, and gratefully acknowledges them for their continued support.