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Work Smart with our customized pharmacy support solutions for LTC,retirement facilities, group homes and community homes.
The next generation of risk management and quality care for your residents.

SmartSupport is your multidisciplinary on-site support team – the new Gold Standard in clinical care and support … exclusively from SmartMeds Pharmacy.

Improve quality of life and therapeutic outcomes for your residents with our unique Consulting Team of five professionals. Active on-site participation from a Consulting Pharmacist specializing in geriatric healthcare, a Nurse Consultant, Clinical Assistant Administrator and Director.

We provide support in many areas:

  • 24/7 connection with a live person when you need telephone support. Your calls are never lost in voicemail – even after hours!
  • Pharmacist participation in Accreditation and in Facility Conversion.
  • Pharmacist is enrolled into ISMP activities on risk management.
  • Pharmacist participation in Professional Advisory Committee.
  • Regular Quality Assurance and Quarterly Compliance Audits.
  • Drug Regimen and Care Conference Reviews.
  • Drug Distribution, Administration and Utilization.
  • Support in pharmacy/facility Logistics and Innovation.
  • Lunch & learn sessions plus special off-site dinner CEs.
  • Continuing Education and training for your team, with innovative in-service training and updates on clinical topics.
  • Peer-to-peer training support for nursing staff by our Nurse Consultant.
  • Updating your team on Pharmacy Regulation issues and current educational materials.
  • IT support, technology integration and medcart management directly from our Clinical Assistant.
Replace paper MAR with robust, time-saving and accurate real-time electronic MAR. Scan SmartPak™ packaging to ensure medications prepared and checked by the pharmacy are administered correctly and on time.
Powered by Catalyst Healthcare, MED e-care of PointClickCare MAR systems.

Live support, efficiency and quality behind every order. Streamline orders, improve communication, enhance quality control of prescriptions, ensure accurate error reporting, flag drug conflicts and assure appropriate dosing with one comprehensive system.

We created SmartCare to integrate leading-edge systems, procedures and technology to boost quality and communication. SmartCare® is your personal connection to your own pharmacy team!


  • A full team of professionals is focused on your orders and requests.
  • Contact with a love person whenever you call.
  • Orders allocated via email or fax server for security and accuracy.
  • Your SmartMeds Pharmacy technicians only call for requests and clarifications during your downtime at the facility or home, never interfering with your workflow.


  • Prescriptions receive four separate quality control checks before leaving the pharmacy.
  • Peace of mind for your staff, residents and their families is paramount to us.


  • Two separate additional checks ensure correct medications reach the correct facility.


  • Flags internal errors and uses the information to promote QA enhancements.
  • Promotes continues improvement of facility/pharmacy communication and processes.


  • A team of healthcare professionals constantly available to provide the latest drug info.
  • In-depth pharmacist care conference reviews of each patient’s current medication profile.


  • Proactively identify serious drug conflicts and inappropriate drug combinations, which should be modified to improve patient therapy.


  • Proactively highlight inappropriate dosing and dosing adjustments that should be made.
  • Essential for patients with diminished kidney function.
More accurate dosing and flexible options, including bar-coded, scannable multi-dose strips with enhanced patient/medication data in three colour formats and easy-to-use blister-pack cards with state-of-the-art prescription data.
Track medication orders sent to the pharmacy. Interact directly with patient/drug database for real-time updates. Visual/email pharmacy communication. Current pharmacy documents online (P&P, memos, training and more).
Integrated digital document technologies. SmartPen digital Anoto pen works with SmartScan one-button Rx scanner. SmartRx web-based integrated prescribing. SmartBook prioritizes physician workload.
A powerful suite of time-saving services and technology: auto refill program, unit-dose liquids, patient info labels, diabetes lancet program, replacement packs, high-security med carts.
PCCA-certified compounding. Non-standard forms and dosages for unique needs.

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